Agility Profile Certification Training for Coaching, Training, Consultancy

As a trainer, a coach or a consultant, you probably already use many tools, concepts, approaches, so, why another one? While the answer seems obvious to people working in the “agile” environment, it maybe requires some explanations for those who just heard about this strange thing.

The starting point of the Agile “r”evolution is the awareness that our world offers more Volatility (of markets and so on), more Uncertainty (of the reliability of our predictions), more Complexity (because of the multitude of variables) and more Ambiguity (because of the difficulty to apprehend the real nature of an event).

Born in the IT industry in the 90’s, Agility was the best response IT programmers found to tackle the VUCA of a software-programming project. In the same time, people in industry as well as in human sciences in the US and in Europe, made similar conclusions and created approaches to help organizations and people to find their way in the VUCA world.

Acting Together

The main difference between the Agility approach and other models is that Agility focuses on Action and especially on collective action. In that sense, it defers greatly from the behavioural approach that focuses on personality, motivation, communication, etc. While these aspects remain important, Agility offers its own and unique perspective supported by a very powerful tool: The Agility Profile®.

Acting Together

What is the use?

In coaching, the Agility Profile® approach and report, enable fast identification of the hurdles to healthy personal or collective performance. It does so because of the sharpness of the analysis made possible by both the AP coaching approach and the quality of the report.
In training, Agility Profile® concepts help trainers to make agility concrete by offering a bunch of solutions for managers, leaders and teams. A management training supported by AP, enables participants to quickly link agility with their everyday life at work.
In consulting, AP enables one to evaluate the agility culture of an entire organization, so to enable leaders and staff to be aware of the effort to improve the agility of their organization. The Agility approach also offers practical organizational solutions to improve performance in the agile way.

Frame of reference

The frame of reference is based on extensive research by Jérôme Barrand and Jocelyne Deglaine on Agility in Organizations that led to the elaboration of the Agility Profile®, a management tool and approach that enable individuals and groups to develop their ability to act together. Their works can be found in the five books published so far in French: Le Manager Agile (1st and 2nd editions), L’entreprise Agile, Developper l’Agilité en Entreprise, and in English: “Developing Organizational Agility”

Benefits of becoming a Certified Agility Profile Coach, Trainer or Consultant

CAP Training benefits

By becoming a Certified Agility Profile® (CAP) practitioner, you acquire the rights and knowledge to use:

• The Agility Profile®: that tells a story about one’s way of acting and ability to activate Agility drivers in sync with others and context.
• The Agility Requirement Analysis (ARA): a powerful conversation-based (for individuals and groups) or constellation-based (for groups) approach to assess the level of Agility required by one’s environment
• The System-Operations-Strategy (SOS) Mapping: a simple yet effective tool to help individuals or groups to overcome their environment.
• The Experiencing Managerial Agility (EMA) workshop: an experiential workshop that can be facilitated in a 1-hour discovery, 0,5 or 1-day Awareness-building, or 2-day Decision-making session.
• The Serious Game group-facilitation tool: series of games and exercises for training, team building or team coaching activities to enable participants to discover Agility in a fun and engaging way and help deciding on action plans to unleash their ability to better act together.

By becoming a CAP practitioner, you also gain access to:

• A local network of Agility Practitioners (NAPOD), a group of people who are acting together to promote Agility in Organizations and keep the approach sticking to local market
• A web platform ( that regroups all CAPs in the world, where you can find people to work or simply chat with and the widest knowledge base on Managerial Agility
• A growing number of books, videos, mobile apps, marketing tools, to help you spreading the word about Agility.

Training Curriculum:

CAP Training curriculum

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