Happy New Year – 2011 in Review

Well, 2011 was THE year for me.

It started with a 2 months sabbatical in my home place in Corsica. This privileged time was the opportunity to nourish my need for dreaming and envisioning the future. I believe that the exceptional beauty of the nature surrounding my home place and Corsica in general, really helped.

Flying Dutchman…

Having created, in July 2010, IPC Group S.A. which stands for International Process Consultancy, a consulting company aimed at providing organizational change support for multinationals, I already had the opportunity in 2010 to work in New York and Amsterdam and to work with my friend and mentor, Sari van Poelje.

In February and March 2011, a new contract gave me the opportunity to visit Shanghai, Mumbai, and Singapore.

Not only, this contract was a fantastic learning experience in terms of group facilitation, change management and coaching, it also created a quantum leap for both IPC and ICO’s businesses.

In terms of experience, having worked for 6 months with groups and managers from so many different cultures, experience, knowledge, functions,… tremendously enhanced my ability to work with clients and partners on complex change projects, involving cross departments and regions project teams. I also gathered a lot of data and case experience for my writings.

Enabling Leadership

Spring not only brought more light and warm to Luxembourg. It was also time to launch the third promotion of iMPACT coaching training. Like spring for nature, each new promotion of this training gives me more energy. A new group represents both a challenge because I want to keep a high level of quality and a maintain the standards of the program, while bringing new content, both in terms of pedagogy and return of experience.

April was also time to return to one of my favorite places in the world: San Francisco. The meeting of the international Process Communication Model license owners in Napa enabled me, not only to go back to California, but also to meet with friends and colleagues from all over the world, all committed to make this model successful.

The first 6 months of 2011 were really hectic. Besides the international activity, Process Communication and iMPACT coaching, I also gave more coaching and different training than ever before. Amongst them:

–       Team SCORE, a training that enables using Process Communication for team coaching and team building.

–       Organizational Intelligence (TOB), a program to learn to diagnose a whole structure and be more confident with group dynamics, which is important for coaches, but also for facilitators, trainers and managers.

–       Process Communication Coaching, the famous ICF CCE training program that provides coaches with knowledge and the rights to use the PCM psychometric profile in coaching.

This year I also refocused on writing, not only on my blog, but also on two book projects. One is about coaching: “Coaching Pratique”; I’ve already posted several extracts on this blog. As the project is moving forward and closer than ever from a finished book, I removed most of the pages published last year. The only one remaining as of today is the page “Coaching Pratique“.

The second project is about Process Communication and Teams. “Team SCORE” presents the method to use the PCM personality profiles with teams, whether for team management, team coaching or team building purposes.

Together with these two projects, I published several papers on this blog and IPC’s blog.

I was very busy with the management and business development of IPC. Several projects have lead to the travels mentioned above, but also to organizing and attending some virtual and real meetings, as well as creating the whole marketing approach and material, such as a wonderful website, a blog, some brochures, and above all, to apply a specific marketing strategy that will lead to engaging more with clients and prospects next year.  Amongst other things, the plan is to communicate more about our expertise, knowledge and products, in relation with the actuality and challenges of our clients.

Team Performance Assessment

Although the mission in Japan was highly complex and took place during a difficult time in my private life, I really enjoyed this country as well as the experience of friendship and professional partnership with some people there.

Because of the many trips, I was less involved in ICF Luxembourg activities but 2011 was also a good year for the association. Despite a lower number of members, we were able to organize fantastic events due to the involvement of fellow board members and ambassadors.

Intelligence Organisationnelle (TOB)

After all these adventures, it’s time to close this awesome year and look towards the future. I believe that 2012 will be special. Of course, there are some good reasons to worry, like the debt crisis in Europe and its attendant fears, bad omens and attempted appropriation for populist purposes. I also believe that we are at the threshold of change. As in coaching, at the start of which the actors are split between the fear that nothing will change and the hope that the best is yet to come, people are both afraid and full of hope. It’s our responsibility now to invent the future we want to live in.

Daring to Change?

Change won’t come by itself. It will require people to act differently. There are a lot of reasons not to change. The first one is the fear that change will be worst than the current situation. To change, we need to see the concrete return on investment of our efforts. This is why, in 2012, we will continue to look for new ways of taking care of self, others and the society, as well as informing you about the outcomes of change in terms of self management, interpersonal relationship, management of people and organizations, leadership and coaching.

Performance Appraisal Vs Performance Coaching

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