Coaching, a Practice of the Twentieth Century

I believe that the practice of coaching will make a difference in the years to come. It may be called, profession, art, science, technique, a state of mind … To me, coaching is a bit of all that and, above all a practice, that is to say something one does every day and allows us to be consistent with our values, our needs and get concrete results to which we aspire.

iMPACT is a coaching training open to all who wish to discover and practice what remains for me a way to grow, to change, to have influence and to contribute to making the world a better place to live in.

Coaching is based on ethics and  regulatory framework that systematically accompanies the use of  techniques and tools of coaching. What makes the difference between a conversation using the methods of coaching and another type of conversation, is the use of rules as simple and essential as confidentiality, punctuality, accountability, the right to say stop, mutual commitment,… which allows the client to express what he wants to show or tell and, for the coach to use all the techniques useful for the client. Coaching is a contract between two or more people, which applies to every type of interactions.

Coaching is not the absolute answer to every problem. It cannot, in particular, replace each actor’s responsibility  to do the right thing to keep the relationship healthy and cooperation effective. However, using the techniques, tools and coaching position is definitely a plus to the relationship quality, the effectiveness of cooperation and achievement of individual and collective goals.

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