The 4 outcomes of ProcessCommunication ‘4’

4. Unlock your potential
We are sometimes frustrated by our inability to unleash our personal power, to enjoy our success, to take action, to just have fun, to make decisions, or to keep in touch we ourself and others. Using a very simplifying shortcut, I can say that these inabilities and the frustration that accompanies them are actually, signs of stress.

When observing myself through the Process Communication Model, I can see when I am in full control of my abilities, able to reach my goals and to adapt to a changing environment. I can also observe when I am not in control anymore, investing too much energy in a task or a relationship that, obviously, invites me into a recurring pattern of failure – or of illusion of success.

With ProcessCommunication, Taibi Kahler has found that, although we all have our own way of succeeding and failing, these different ways can be classified into 6 different patterns. The PCM Personality Pattern Inventory, informs you, not only about these patterns (see the previous posts about the 4 outcomes of ProcessCommunication), but gives really valuable insights about our own way of getting into distress, hence, locking our potential to be powerful, enjoy life and achieve great results.

One of the outcomes I particularly appreciate with PCM, is that it doesn’t give only information about distress, it also gives some concrete ways of taking care of us. The action plans included in the Process Communication Model reports, are simple yet pragmatic and relevant to each of the 6 personality types, taking account of the complexity of every profile.

In summary, the 4th outcome of ProcessCommunication is that you now have all the information, the relevant advices, cool stuff, exiting challenges, ideas to reflect on and the personal support to unlock your potential.

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