The 4 outcomes of ProcessCommunication ‘3’

3. Keep Motivated

Taibi Kahler has identified 8 motivation sources, called “Psychological Needs”. Behind this somewhat scientific expression, actually hides the key to understand motivation and how to act in a motivating way.

The reason is quite simple, Motivation (“to stimulate toward action”) makes us taking action. In other words, satisfaction of our psychological needs is the reason of our acts.

For example, I am seen as a good listener, patient and willing to help others. In order to be seen like that, I do listen a lot, I give a lot of space and time to others and I am prompt to offer my help. These behaviors are simply the best way I have found to feed my need to be recognized as someone who cares others.

One of the main discoveries made by Taibi Kahler, is that the source of our motivation can change. The Process Communication personality profile is the best tool to evaluate what are our priorities in life and how to reach them successfully order to keep motivated.

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