The 4 outcomes of ProcessCommunication ‘2’

2. Build and maintain strong relationships

ProcessCommunication offers 3 relevant concepts to improve our ability to create and maintain strong relationships.
With the “Perceptions” concept, you will understand why, sometimes, people don’t get what you try to explain, and learn how to better connect with them, using their perception to make your message richer.
The “Personality Parts” concepts in itself, explains a lot about the differences in communication.
Last but not least, the “Communication Channels” concept, gives simple, yet reliable advices about “how” to talk to someone, according to his/her personality type.

Together or independently, these concepts represent a must to whom wants to communicate / manage, with efficiency.

Attend a ProcessCommunication workshop or ask for an individual debriefing of  your PCM Profile to learn more about the PCM communication concepts.

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