Enabling Leadership

Working for a client in Asia, I realized how important the role of leadership is, when it comes to enabling the emerging energy to provide leadership with the right information at the right time.
Enabling Leadership is exactly that. Enabling employees from various level and department to contribute to the establishment of the right strategy.
Vision comes from the leader, whose responsibility is to deal with the forces of the environment (Political, Economic, Social and Technical environment) and to identify the Strategic Element.
The Mission explains why the organization exists and what she is offering to the market in response to the Strategic Element.
Although Leadership is about strategic planning and adaption of the organizational structure to the strategic element, Enabling Leadership manages these adaptations by enabling the employes to identify the strategic elements in their own activity. Managing by conjunction, i.e. finding the effective balance between the Planned Energy (coming from Leadership) and the Emerging Energy (coming from the employees), enable the organization to reach effectiveness and efficiency and to reach their goals and objectives.

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