Organization Development & PCM

PCM is an innovative tool which enables us to understand, motivate, and communicate more effectively.
Dr. Taibi Kahler discovered how to identify and respond appropriately to patterns of productive behavior (successful communication) and non-productive behavior (miscommunication). In 1978 NASA took advantage of this discovery by using PROCESS COMMUNICATION in the selection, placement, and training of astronauts.
PCM is a model to design PERSONALITY Profiles.
PCM IS is a COMMUNICATION & MANAGEMENT model based on the observation of individual PREFERENCES.
PCM includes programs for Organization Development

PCM is the most reliable and recognized model to apply in OD

OD interventions are designed to improve the efficiency of individuals and teams in organizations. Decades of research and development have turned PCM into a perfect tool in the field of organizational development. Furthermore, The rigorous PCM certification process enables our consultants to better understand and handle the effects of change on individualss and teams.
Rich of years of research and development, PCM is the model to improve the quality & efficiency of OD interventions

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