PCM Coaching Certification

As coaching practice continues to develop and is being recognised as a profession, qualification and experience alone may no longer be sufficient to distinguish one coach from another. Utilising psychometric testing, to facilitate your coaching practice can provide you with an ‘edge’ because Taibi Kahler’s Process Communication Model® provides the coach with both the knowledge of human behaviour and a specialisation that takes their coaching to a higher level, providing excellence in practice

Process Communication offers all the tools a coach needs to enhance knowledge of human behaviour and to develop efficiency in their coaching practice.

The PCM Coach training program is designed to make coaches proficient in the application of the psychometric test in coaching situations. Experiencing the workshop is also a valuable self-development / self discovery process for the coach and delegates frequently report this as an added value they had not anticipated when signing up for the workshop. An additional bonus is that the workshop is accredited by ICF as a Coaching Continuing Education training program. It is more than ever important for professionals to maintain their ethical and professional stance through regular training to provide a professional service to their clients

2 thoughts on “PCM Coaching Certification

  1. beyond the idea of having a new and better tool as coach I’d like to add that using this knowledge is an enabler for managing skills.

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