Self Coaching

Think about your job, business, position, relations, organization, what is your first sensation?
Yes, by thinking you will feel…
Isn’t it great?

For example, when I think about the current state of my business, the first thought that comes to my mind is “I have so many administrative tasks to do before leaving for vacations…” I know that these thoughts come from a situation more tense than usual, especially the effects of economic situation on business and people’s mood.

So, now how do you feel?
Excited? Worried? Bored? Empty? Hopeful? Helpless?…
In my thinking about my business and the upcoming administrative tasks, I feel bored.

A quick check about this feeling: does it come from a rational situation (Rational)?
Is it linked with a gap between your own values and the current functioning or your organization (Values)? Do you feel that the current situation does not fulfill your needs and expectations (Needs)?

I feel bored because of the amount of administrative work. I think it will take me half a day to cover it (Rational). My values are that business is customer oriented and my added value is when I’m working with customers. The current functioning of my business is more and more “paper” oriented (values). And, working on administrative tasks does not fulfill my need for social contacts and fun (Needs), and of course, the current tension has an effect on my mood.
Usually, administrative work is not so boring as it is directly linked with business.

Now that you have a focused view on the situation, you can go forward:
What are the behaviors that gave the situation the opportunity to remain what it is?
Sorry to state that but only our own behaviors can generate and sustain the situation we are experiencing.

So, should your own situation be exciting, frightening, boring,… your behaviors are both the origin and the key of the situation.
Now that you probably have a more precise view of the situation, which answer will you give to this question:
What is the most efficient behavior that keeps the situation alive?
Either positive or negative, the situation is maintained by a specific behavior.

I feel bored because of the amount of administrative tasks generated by the current situation.
And probably, I feel bored because I do not take action (procrastination) in order to get more interesting work…
In this kind of situation, while several options are possible, I tend to postpone the administrative work and keep on lamenting.
However, the options are:
1. I keep the behavior of postponing administrative work and not going outside to get interesting work.
2. I change behavior and I can
2.1. do the administrative work
2.2. go outside to find, for example business opportunities
2.3. Both
2.4. Both + call some friends to have a beer outside
2.5. have someone help me with the administrative work while I go outside to find interesting work to do
2.6. ……

There are as many choices as imagination can bring. The only limit of change is your own imagination

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