Issues and Problems

Sometimes we are experiencing issues that we find ourselves unable to solve.

Frequently such an issue is seen as a problem because it makes our life more difficult. Yet this kind of issue is not a problem as it is “only” related to the gap between our expectations and what we are experiencing in the current situation. In this case, the issue is not the problem, but the problem in itself prevents us from resolving the issue. However, the issue tells us what to do to solve it.

Sometimes, a problem in our life, literaly poisons us.

Frequently, this problem creates issues that we are, not only unable to solve but rather unable to understand.

By becoming aware that these issues become unacceptable, we find the strength to confront them. By doing so, the problem arises (as it is the cause of the issues) and becomes eventually possible to solve.

When the issue is not the problem, the problem becomes an issue. When the issue is the problem, the problem is not an issue anymore

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