Would you wait for more or get what is right here?

This is how we are taught to wait for always more when just one would be so delicious… Frustration sometimes is a good thing, learning not to immediately take what we want, and instead wait a few days or weeks, such as to buy this beautiful dress or to drink this delicious bottle of wine as celebration of success.

Sometimes we tend to frustrate ourselves unnecessarily by waiting to celebrate, to taste, to enjoy, until… we get twice what we already got, we completely finish our duties, the kids have grown,…

This kind of behavior might sometimes be appropriate but time could also make it useless.

Actually, often hearing this little voice saying “You cannot enjoy until…” is a habit. Like behaviors, habits can be productive, other are just irrelevant. So, I invite you to reflect about how you manage your own balance of frustration/celebration.

When was the last time you took care of getting the good thing immediately instead of waiting for always more? And when were the last time you decided to wait to have a success to celebrate before getting what you want?

There is no perfect balance but I prefer to get the smallest enjoyment rather than waiting for the more that is not certain. Like the little girl in the video, I would have eaten the marshmallow immediately, cleaned the dishes and gone back to the party!
Merci Françoise

2 thoughts on “Would you wait for more or get what is right here?

  1. You have a good point here! Sure my education isn’t far from that, make some efforts, wait long enough and you’ll have the results. The only problem or why education didn’t work well: life showed it might be different. Some terrific friends are still around reaching an ‘agecanonix’ (great age), others had dreams for their future – dreams they were, dreams they stayed – life was faster.

    It is great to be capable of patience, to be able to wait for the success … it just will never work without action. Eat the right Marshmallows, never underestimate the power of action.

  2. Hello! For food, good wine, a nice talk with friends I do not wait anymore. I just do it…and for the food I start to see it 🙂 The amazing thing is that I start to enjoy it..even pushing some not interesting (but urgent) stuff in order to enjoy some good moments coming unexpectedly…I observed only one recurrent behavior: buying shoes. For the expensive ones I still wait for something, an event, a success…but I think is better like this for my budget 🙂 as long as I do not buy two pares after wating.

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